J’s On My Sociological Feet: A Social Observation of a Harlem Jordan Sneaker Release

Great piece!

Devon Wade (dwadephd)

Devon Wade

Photo May 23, 17 41 40I’m not a big Jordan wearer, but every now and again, I’ll cop me a pair of classics. Growing up, I was surrounded by a community of “Sneakerheads” with my brothers and cousin being the foremost embracers of the title. As a result, I’ve always been curious about the process of consumption around sneakers – especially around the infamous Jordan’s and it’s interaction with race. So last night, as I stood in line for the new Jordan 11 Low Bred’s that I really wanted, I naturally went into sociologist mode and became a participant observer LOL. Hey, what can I say! Y’all know me… So here are a few things I observed:

  1. Many of the people, particularly adults, are highly aware of the social judgment and stigmatization that occurs as onlookers gaze while passing as they wait in the long line out front of the stores. This stigmatization…

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